October 5, 2021

The Risks and Rewards of Love: Is It Worth It?

Today’s world as it is now loving instant gratification. We love when things are easy, fun, and exciting. That often leads us to forget that there is this thing called reality. The reality of life and love is that things are not always easy, fun, and exciting in relationships.

There is something about the era of social media that has caused people to gravitate toward instant gratification; we marvel in things that sparkle all the time and are exhilarating.

The idea of living in a state of continual excitement and passion is what many long to experience. But the magnitude of relationships leads us to the peak of mountains and the depth of valleys. These occurrences are real to love and allow us to ride the highs and lows of a partnership, all while giving the true understanding that not every day will be fireworks.

November 30, 2013

When Money Meets Seduction

Throughout history women have overcome pain and heartache to live life to the fullest. Many women consider it to be a dream come true to snag a rich, powerful, gentleman, and some view this opportunity as a free pass to easy street.

Within these pages you will discover how love, money, and seduction have a way of shaking us to our very core. You will come to recognize that love is inherently not a level playing field and that those with money often play by a different set of rules.

The book profiles women who have connected with men of wealth, power, and prestige only to see that not all is fair in love and war. You will also see stories of courageous women who dared to dream and followed their dreams all the way to the bank. They have through determination and hard work built their own financial dynasties.

To build wealth is a desire of many. It is these stories that will motivate women to stand bold and take action in regard to their futures, to create something that is their own, which in turn will give them financial independence. What you may find truly inspiring, even startling, are the lessons to be learned from their journeys, how their fortune and misfortune can inspire other women to find strength and power as they travel to a place of financial freedom.

August 27, 2009


More Than Just Sex: It’s The Art of The Chase looks into the realities of many African American women as they journey through life in quest of love and happiness. The book examines what sisters really want from relationships, how they view black men, each other and sex.

This revealing piece of work offer sisters advice, hope, and awareness on some of the issues they face in a world of uncertainty regarding finding the ideal partner and the lessons learned as they look within their souls and come to terms with who they are.

The book will explore how sisters sometimes miss out on love because of mistakes, insecurities, and bad relationship choices. It is a gripping revelation of the pains, fears, and concerns of African American women as they attempt to encourage and inspire each other through the pages of More Than Just Sex: It’s The Art of The Chase.