Now that When Money Meets Seduction has been released and I have fulfilled my dream of bringing together nearly 300 individuals to witness outstanding women celebrating their accomplishments and work.  I am officially in the pre-production stage for my filming project entitled The Art Of The Chase.  I am excited because the development of this project is taking shape.  It is also my plans to slow down in regards to events in order to focus more on the film production.  Although I know slowing down for me will be a hard endeavor; I also realize that quiet and tranquil places are where I come up with my best ideas.  Sipping on a cup of coffee and listening to my inner thoughts is always a winning recipe for creativity to flow.  This peaceful time of reflection is where I find my zone; it allows me to step back and examine what I have done and what I desire to do moving forward.  So as I sit still, my mind racing with both positive and negative emotions which lead me to this space of artistic expression that has resonate and captured the interest of many.  I am opening my mind up to what’s next for me personally as well as professionally. As I begin to pin my next project I know that it will be one filled with love, encouragement, and possibilities beyond my wildest imagination.  I realize that my mission is to empower others through my work and I encourage you to follow me through this journey of discovery.