It was my desire to bring together women of all walks of life to celebrate each other. To uplift, inspire, and motivate and our 2016 Celebration of Women event was amazing.

I envisioned a gathering of minds in regard to life, equality, and career.  While building on the successes and accomplishments of women all over the world; it is my mission to draw attention to the many roles that women play in our society and the tremendous impact we have on families, businesses, communities and the overall well-being of mankind.

My research, studies and experiences have revealed the strong resilience of women of all races and backgrounds.  The women we honor and recognize today have thrived in their respective businesses, careers, and everyday life.

With the abundance of opportunities available today, even modest ones, women have been able to stand strong, lift their families out of poverty, start businesses, escape violent situations, enhance their knowledge and expertise, better care for themselves, their families and their communities.  Our impact is felt far beyond what is present to the naked eye.

We have emerged as leaders and catalysts for change in our communities, workplace, government, and A Celebration of Women is a way to unite our voices by truly encouraging, embracing, linking, and uplifting each other. But more than anything; I want to teach our children the importance of giving back and caring for others.

The mission of this event is to celebrate and honor women for their achievement and accomplishments, but more than anything, to share our experiences and visions for a better society for all women and children.