I want to share some tips on accomplishing goals and following your dreams for 2016.  Over the holidays season I founded myself experiencing a number of emotions.  Hurt, because again I spent another holiday season without my mother.  Overwhelmed with joy, because Gavin is becoming more aware of the meaning of Christmas and his excitement fills me with joy beyond my wildest imagination; fear because as I embark upon my dream of producing a film; I am so often reminded of the tremendous amount of bravery and boldness that is required to walk this path. Therefore, I enter into 2016 optimistic about what the future holds.  It is my desire to inspire and encourage others as well as myself to focus on those things that you want to achieve this year.

Here are some tips to help along the way.

  1. The key is to believe, which is the first chapter in my book, When Money Meets Seduction.  I have always had a, “can do it attitude” which I feel gives me a greater chance of succeeding.  Believing is the first step to achieving.
  2. Speak with positive energy when you communicate.  When you do this, I find that confidence and positive energy follows you and becomes a part of who you are.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people. I have been so fortunate to be able to have a wonderful support system.  I could not have asked for a greater team of individuals to work with.  I try to stay away from people who are negative and critical; they will only bring you down.
  4. Stay focused; although it is not always easy, try to keep your eyes on the prize.
  5. Set goals- they give you direction which is very important in life.
  6. Find your strengths- it is important that you recognize the talents and abilities that you have.  It is within those strengths that your future lies.  Always look for ways to nurture and develop your skills.
  7. Don’t give up; even the most successful people deal with failures, rejection, and doubt.  In When Money Meets Seduction, I explained how J.K Rowling was living on welfare before she wrote the Harry Potter series, and Oprah Winfrey who lived in extreme poverty as a child are both billionaires today.
  8. Look for the little clues that guide you to what you should be doing.
  9. Don’t allow fear to stop you.
  10. Understand that what you are trying to do may not be easy, but it is possible