I have spent the past decade encouraging individuals to follow their passion. It was that work that drove me to a higher level as an author.  Today as I look back on my career; writing has presented me with more opportunities than I could have ever imagined.

When I attend events I am often asked two questions; “How do you do all that you do, and what do you do in your spare time?”

To question one I say; “I don’t do all that I would like to do because it would be too overwhelming for me to handle at this time with a young child.” Now that we have started working on the production of my independent film; it seems that my work day never ends.  But what is at the top of my priority list is my son, who can stop production dead in its tracks.  He is the love of my life and where I get my greatest joy.  Between his activities and my work schedule there is little time for much else in my world.

To question two I say; “What spare time?”  I have very little spare time these days, but when I am able to squeeze in some. I try to be still, because in that rare moment; I need to reflect and meditate on the newness of my life.

I must admit it is hard for me to be still given there is so much going on within my circle, and I have come to realize that there are people that are counting on me in regards to business. I am also horrified with my inability to get all that I would like to get done in my allocated work time.  My days consist of responding to emails, meetings, writing, reading, teaching and tackling social media obligations.  My evenings are spent with family and friends.  I also spend a large amount of time encouraging individuals to follow their dreams; whatever those dreams may be.

Within the past eight years what I embraced as an outlet for emotions while I was in a dark and lonely place; has consequently given me the ability to be creative and free.    

I write creative non-fiction through books, magazine articles, and these blogs; which I put in a lot of practice these days.  When I published my first book I was told that it would be good for me to start a blog, but what I knew at that time was that writing is a very time consuming task, and that I didn’t want to take on that responsibility in the midst of a book tour and numerous book signings events, all of which comes with the business of being a writer.

So this year I made the commitment to do a monthly blog.  I am the writer and editor of this blog which is often challenging to say the least.  Writing sooths me and drives me crazy all at the same time.  It is what I call, “A wonderful love affair.”

The creative world is one filled with ideas, imagination and possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.  More than this, writing has brought me to places I would have never connected with if I had not opened myself up to this new world of creativity.  As I work on the production of The Art of the Chase I am reminded of the exceptional talent and passion of the people who are a part of my production team.  I have written about many of them previously- one being Octobers blog entitled The Power of Networking. Therefore, it is with great honor that I welcome producer Rachel Kadushin to our production team and look forward to many successful projects to come.

Check out Rachel’s 3 minute interview; the link is below.